English presentation of Caspevi for Avignon festival


Since the publication of these visual supports, the interested programmers returns are the most beautiful demonstration of the successful work of Caspevi  » Laurent Lebras (Director).

 » That’s it, it happened! A Theater has programmed our show after having discovered us through a video on Caspevi.  » Béatrice Valéro (Flamenco Vivo Company).


 Caspevi.com spreads all year long your trailers to the public and the professionals

We are the first ones – since 2009 – to have thought that the festival-goers could choose their shows by looking at your trailers.

In July 2014: 335 000 visitors – 2 million seen pages. Every trailer seen on average 5 000 times.

Price of one year subscription 82€, without VAT. Subscription in 15minutes

Then, Caspevi is a technical case, a YouTube without advertising, created to emphasize your shows via their videos. It also allows:


-      To watch them in the best qualities and share them on all medias and supports: smartphones, any web site, download (the theaters which welcome your show appreciate us for their season presentation).

-       To accompany your videos (public and pros) with all the information which qualifies your show.

-       To be present in a big database also designed so that programmors discover you.

-       Look at the Medecin malgré lui ‘s page as an example.


In July, all our Avignon partners (Theaters and promotors), or whom wish to be a partner, are visible in our homepage and visitors can watch your trailer in 3 cliks only. See all the detailed information here.


And if you still don’t have videos: CASPEVI -  media captation & footage


 » You do not content with realizing a technical captation. You have  » the sense and feeling of theater « . You film with sensibility and consequently with correctness. Thank you!” Alain Timár – (Director of the Théâtre des Halles)

 » And there, I finally look at these magicians who shot down a work of animal. The result is worked, checked and fluid. It is magnificent. » Eva Darlan (actress and author).


A unique show, custom-made captation and quality. For 13 years, our knowledge: promote your show via the video.

Shootings in Paris, Avignon, everywhere in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

The cost? If you wish a captation pro, we shall find together the price which suits your needs and at your means.

Because it is your show, your presence is required in the editing. 3 days after the shooting, your videos are ready to be diffused.

Testimonies / Our trailers: HumourClassicContemporaryDanseYoung audienceMusicalMagic



For further information please feel free to contact us: contact@caspevi.com / +33 (0)1 83 43 60 40 /  + 33 (0) 6 99 30 05 0

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English presentation of Caspevi for Avignon festival